* Are you constantly saying ” I have nothing to wear”??
* Do you struggle to make the items in your wardrobe work together??
* Do you want to learn how to dress successfully for your body shape and lifestyle??


All these questions and more can be answered in store at Destination 4217 by your very own Fashion Styling Consultant!

Sharon Kennedy is Destination 4217 and prides herself in giving the most honest and best advise to guide you – if for some reason you have lost your way with Fashion and not sure what direction to take. With over 37 years in retail and successfully dressing and guiding women in the world of Fashion, Sharon has the answers to your questions….  

40135179-066“It’s true, we get set in our ways and only see what we want to see which blocks our vision and sense of style for trying and exploring new looks that can enhance and compliment the way we should dress”.

If you feel this way, Sharon would love to offer her expert advise and show you how to buy trans-seasonal, classic, timeless and staple pieces for your wardrobe.  These can be easily used to enhance existing pieces you already have or even transformed from day to night. Not only is it cost effective  but it gives you maximum wear out of a well put together wardrobe.

Sharon is all about making women feel that they look their best!  …and it doesn’t matter what your body shape or size she is always available and at your service. With a very natural and easy going  manner, she will overcome those body issues that most of us are not comfortable with.

If you have pieces in your wardrobe and nothing to wear with them, please feel free to bring them in and discuss what you would like to use them for. You will be pleasantly surprised how Sharon will have you leaving the store with a complete look to compliment and make use of those items just sitting in your cupboard!!!

If you would like to discuss any of this please call Sharon on 0407 964 492 or alternately email Sharon@destination4217.com.au